The right
IT expertise voor
for the right project

Level up your technology workforce


The successful design, development, implementation and maintenance of relevant and future-proof IT solutions requires specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience.

Many IT executives already have channels available to find the right juniors & mid-ranking roles, but often get stuck when senior expertise is required.

Get your IT projects carried out by freelance specialists with the right knowledge and experience. Enhance the quality of your IT solutions and the level of your internal IT team, plus accelerate your time to market as a result.

Breaking the limits of IT Consulting

More than 80% of large and very large companies face a structural problem when it comes to bringing in highly specific IT expertise to carry out their IT projects successfully and on time. In the first instance, businesses look at taking on additional staff or traditional IT consultants, but both are often insufficient for their needs.

Specialist IT Project Staffing with freelance specialists is the perfect solution, with Oliver Benson taking the lead.

Oliver Benson is recruiting Business Managers

Working as a Business Manager for Oliver Benson is an exceptionally challenging and demanding job, for which you get an exceptional package in return.

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