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We are looking for people who want to excel: people with talent, enthusiasm and ambition. We only work with the brightest, the sharpest and the best.

If you have ambition and want to pursue a career, Oliver Benson is the right place for you.


Oliver Benson is a Project Staffing Specialist specialising in IT. We place top freelance consultants in long-term projects, chiefly with multinationals.

The purest definition of staffing is building up and retaining a work unit/workforce within an organisation or part of it.

As a Project Staffing Specialist, we therefore take care of building up and managing a particular work unit for our client, in this case an IT Team, with the associated positions.

Our clients work with us because they want us to fulfil exacting requirements.

You will find yourself in an environment characterised by healthy and dynamic career evolution and development, combined with exceptional earning potential and a top-tier culture.

Job description

Working as Business Manager at Oliver Benson is a prestigious position. You will act as a commercial signboard for our business.

Your core role comprises networking, advising and (consultative) selling.

As Business Manager at Oliver Benson, you will be responsible for one specific business unit. Within this business unit, you will actively sell our services to our clients and build up strong, principled, professional relationships with specialist consultants in order to be able to connect/staff in a later phase.

80% of your time will be spent selling our services using an advisory sales approach. The remaining 20% will be spent building up relationships with specialist consultants using a variety of headhunting methodologies.

In the long term, you will manage your business unit completely independently, with the ability to perfectly match supply and demand. You will act as a mini CEO, so this is an exceptionally challenging role.

You will report directly to the founder, in their role as Managing Consultant.

As Business Manager, you will:

  • Become a master at consultative selling & networking with large and very large companies
  • Become an expert in relationship building
  • Garner an exceptional number of contacts and exceptional amount of business knowledge
  • Learn to immerse yourself in complex structures, fields and positions
  • Gain insight into how large and very large companies work
Interne vacatures
Interne vacatures
Interne vacatures Oliver Benson


  • 3-5 years’ experience in B2B Sales, Solution/Consultancy Selling
  • Impeccable verbal, non-verbal, social and communication skills
  • Extremely neat and presentable appearance
  • Perseverance, determination, and a sense of entrepreneurship
  • Self-motivated – you will sometimes have to work long hours, but you also know why
  • Organised, structured
  • Talented, enthusiastic and infinitely ambitious

Our offer

A positive and highly infectious culture of success

  • A no-nonsense approach
  • Exponential growth in a healthy, sustainable way
  • Open, principled and stable
  • The opportunity to help build – in all likelihood 😉 – one of the most successful companies in the staffing and consulting sector

Training & coaching
Intensive, long-term and tailor-made

  • We have a sophisticated training and coaching schedule, and we are committed to this in the long term: together and tailor-made

Direct collaboration with our founder on a daily basis

  • A huge amount of freedom
  • Your talent and commitment are recognised and rewarded

Career development opportunities
The sky’s the limit

  • Operational and financial
  • Vertical and horizontal
  • Cross-sectoral
  • If you prove to be one of a kind, you can even progress to C-Level

Best in market

  • Excellent fixed salary
  • Exceptional commission structure
  • Full package of fringe benefits

Environment & tools
Modern office, latest equipment & tools

  • Working for a prestigious firm
  • Office with a view
  • iPhone, MacBook, digital writing tablet


In addition to your excellent fixed remuneration as a Business Manager, every month you earn commission on the profit margin of the placed consultants.

It is realistic that after 1-3 years you can maintain an average of 10 to 20 placed consultants per month. This results in a net monthly wage of EUR 4,000 – 8,500, which is almost unthinkable as an employee.

You should be aware of this, but not fooled by it. The financial aspect is only a consequence of becoming a master within your area of expertise. It will take time to maintain your number of consultants and the quality of your services to clients, and to master this art. It is only then that figures like this come into play. But if you have the right mindset and perseverance, you will certainly get there.

It is important to know that, if you turn out to be one of a kind, you could maintain over 20 placed consultants, which would allow you to earn more than EUR 10,000 net per month – unheard-of amounts in our sector.

The way that Oliver Benson works is highly unique. Therefore we take the necessary time to train you, and for you to master your role as Business Manager.

At Oliver Benson, the training pathway is thorough, lengthy and consists of two parts:

  • Consultative Sales training (clients)
  • Headhunting training (consultants)

We offer the best sales training on the market and most likely in the world 😉 . Both our sales and headhunting processes are highly accurate and delineated, paving the way for you to eventually work with any interesting prospect. Given enough time, we get in everywhere.

The process consists of 20% theory, and 80% practice/on-the-job training & role play.

This is what you will gain from our training pathway:

  • Learning to understand the business unit/market
  • Identifying strong, interesting clients and consultants
  • Qualifying clients and consultants
  • Professional relationship development with clients and consultants

During your training, you will be given a great deal of freedom, but you must deal with this professionally.

Our Business Managers are true professionals with exceptional networking, communication and commercial skills, who know how to build strong relationships with the right prospects (IT executives and specialist consultants).

Describing the Business Manager role as purely a sales job does not cover it; neither in any way does describing it as a job where you are chiefly occupied with recruitment, with the addition of the commercial arm – like an Agency Recruiter.

The Business Manager role is first and foremost a commercial role, supplemented by the responsibility for operations (the connecting/staffing and maintenance of relationships with consultants).

Thus for 80% of your time, you act as a commercial representative; for the remaining 20%, you are recruiting specialist consultants.

The recruitment part of your job is more business-like and rational than traditional recruiting. The selection of consultants is done in a somewhat black and white manner, because there is a standard pattern of expectation in the type of consultants that our type of clients wants. You don’t advertise vacancies, but build up a network of the best consultants and the best clients.

The day-to-day operations of the Business Manager are constructed in such a way as to outsource all other matters that need to be dealt with (database construction, first screening of profiles, etc.) to other internal people. So as Business Manager, you can focus on what you’re so excellent at: building relationships, sales and networking.

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